August 17, 2022

Savasana Concert
with Dana Devi

Sunday October 30, 3:30PM – 5:30PM

On Sunday October 30 from 3:30PM – 5:30PM we are hosting a Savasana Concert with Dana Devi.

A live concert with meditative music to calm the mind and soothe the heart. Experience the calming effect of ancient mantras, prayer, sound and silence during this lie-down concert. While you rest in Savasana you will experience deep relaxation with the sounds of gentle guitar play, shruti box, tanpura and Dana’s healing voice. The journey ends with tuning into sound together and chanting. The vibration of mantra’s are known to have a healing effect and can recharge your body and mind.

About Dana Devi

Dana is a singer, yoga teacher and musician. She was raised in a yoga ashram and has been surrounded by Indian music and mantras from a young age. Over the years music became her meditation, and she wrote soothing melodies to calm the mind and comfort the heart. Her first album “Doorway to Silence” has been released in 2019. Her songs are about resting into your own being, remembering that love is our true nature and that we are already whole and complete.

To get a taste of the music you can listen to Dana on Spotify or Bandcamp. Or visit her website.


Sunday October 30 from 3:30PM – 5.30PM

What to bring

– A yoga mat and preferably a cushion. If you don’t have a yoga mat we can provide one.
– A warm blanket or plaid to cover yourself during the session. Comfortable warm clothes & socks!
After the session you can stay for tea and my homemade treat – the Bliss ball.

What are the costs

Do you want to book this concert or do you have any questions about this event?
Send me an email or whatsapp before October 28. There are limited spots available.

Dana and I are looking forward to see you!