Sivananda yoga

Serve, Love, Meditate, Purify, Realize.


Swami Sivananda.

The Sivananda Yoga tradition is practiced worldwide. It has it origins in Hatha Yoga but is performed according to the ideas of Swami Sivananda. Fun fact: he was one of the first to bring yoga to the West, to spread love after the Second World War.

Sivananda yoga practice is rooted in 5 holistic points to give you physical, mental and spiritual growth.
1. Proper exercise

Yogic physical exercises are called Asanas (meaning ‘steady pose). Proper exercise means both pleasant to the practitioner and beneficial to your body, mind and spiritual life.

2. Proper breathing

To gain control over your breath. These breathing exercises (Pranayama)increases the flow of vital energy (prana) through the body, recharging both your body and your mind.

3. Proper relaxation

To learn how to use your body’s energy efficiently. Good relaxation cools the body down, re-energizes your body and gives you an often much needed break from (constant) stress. Proper relaxation gives you more inner peace than several hours of restless sleep.

4. Meditation

Meditation lies at the heart of any yoga practice and flows almost naturally from practicing asanas and pranayama. A relaxed body gives you the opportunity to focus on your mind. Meditation sparks positive thinking, greater mental and emotional balance and, eventually, inner peace.

5. Proper diet

Eating plant-based food is the most practical and achievable way to live in accordance to the yogic tradition of ahimsa (non violence) – to honor the sanctity of all living things.

Regular practice of Sivananda yoga gives you more energy, better focus at work, decreases back pain, improves your sleep, gives you a calmer mind and a happier mood.

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