Ayurvedic massage for pure energy

Restore the imbalance of your body.

With loving, powerful hands, Karlijn gives you pure energy to experience optimal benefits.

Benefit your immune system

Ayurvedic massage.

Karlijn is skilled in giving the beneficial Ayurvedic massage. In the serene tranquility of our place, she will support the recovery of the natural balance of your body with this full massage. Waste products and used energy are removed from your body so that new cells can be formed: a cleaning and renewal of your body. This is beneficial for your immune system and has a preventive effect on your health.

The massage is fully tuned to optimally restore the imbalance of your body and mind at that moment. The chemical nature of every living organism is the theory of the tridosha: vata (ether and air), pitta (fire and water) and kapha (earth). Our temperament, prakriti, is arise during conception and does not change during life. Interacting with the environment creates imbalances in our prakriti, you call that vikriti.

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This all sounds quite complicated, but in short, it means that our body can become unbalanced due to air, bile and mucus. This can manifest itself in feelings such as restlessness, anxiety or a heavy mood. Tailored to you personally the massage support the recovery of this imbalance. Depending on your dosha vata, pitta or kapha, Karlijn uses warm oil with specific herbs. She composes this oil with care, using both her ayurvedic knowledge and her intuition to create an oil that nourishes your personality

In line with the tradition of Ayurveda she will only massage women. The duration of the massage is 1 hour and 45 minutes.

relax and restore

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‘My life is divided in a before and after I met Karlijn; she is able to balance not only my body but also my mind.’