Gentle Trauma-Sensitive Yoga.


Healing through yoga.

In this Trauma-Sensitive Yoga class you learn how to release bodily tension and you will be given tools on how to deal with tension and stress. Energy recovery is central in this class. You will also learn how to recognize sensations in the body and how to respond to them so you can restore your energy. In a subtle flow of soft and accessible postures you are invited to connect yourself with your sensations and emotions, all in a very gently way and all within your limits.

By increasing your body awareness in a gentle way and in a safe environment, you can perceive your body as increasingly safe and also predictable. With your most important tool to actively make choices about whether you want to increase or decrease the sensations you notice in your body. Nothing is imposed upon, instead, options are presented to you from which you can choose. This way of working leads to empowerment, because you will be able to develop more and more the realization that you can influence what you do and how you feel about it.

The Trauma-Sensitive Yoga practice is very close to Karlijns heart, due to her experience with and working through her own trauma. This gave her the drive to want to help people to feel safe again in their own bodies.

Negative and intense life-experiences can cause trauma, causing emotions to get stuck in our body and mind. Not being able to feel these emotions can cause feelings of emptiness in our lives: the feeling we are leading empty lives. If on the opposite the emotions are overwhelming, they can cause perpetual chaos and stress. Trauma-Sensitve Yoga can help regulate your emotions.

Karlijn is educated and certified as a trauma informed yoga teacher, based on the https://www.traumasensitiveyoga.com program by David Emmerson and Bessel van der Kolk (founder of the Trauma Research Foundation). She will also use her knowledge of the Polyvagal theory as well as her experience as Yoga Nidra teacher and Breathwork & Pranayama teacher.

Release & recover

For you?

This class is designed for everyone who wants to let go of bodily stress and tension, and is especially beneficial for people with trauma. The purpose of this class is to gently let go of tension and stress and to recover energy in the body. There are no complicated postures in this class, just simple little movements and postures to invite you to experience the here and now in a safe environment. This class is less guiding than a regular yoga class.

How do I know if I am ready to try Trauma-Sensitive Yoga?

I suggest that you take some time to consider your readiness to try yoga, including how challenging this type of physical practice might be for you. Have you done anything physical in a while? How comfortable are you with your body? I recommend having a support person that you can talk with after about your experience. When you are in therapy, you might want to discuss your experience with your therapist.

Note: if you are not able to lie or sit down on a yogamat, you can still do this class in a chair as an alternative for the mat.

Can I leave class if it becomes uncomfortable for any reason?

Yes! It is important to emphasize that I unequivocally support your choice to leave the class for any reason, but especially if you feel uncomfortable in the room. If you need to, feel free to leave the yoga class. This is about taking care of yourself. Please be patient and compassionate with yourself.

Can I ask a yoga teacher to not touch me?

In Trauma-Sensitive Yoga classes there is no touch, but with every yoga class you can always tell the teacher before the class starts that you don’t want to be physically assisted during class. You can also always contact me with all your questions about my teaching methods and – approach.

What guidance can you give on finding a Trauma- Sensitive Yoga class?

You can always contact me to see if this class is right for you and other questions about me and what kind of training I had. Take your time to get a sense about whether this class is worth a try for you.

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‘ The trauma-sensitive yoga class made me feel very safe in both my mind and body, Karlijns method of teaching is always supporting, nurturing and gentle. It was a healing experience for me.’