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Our kind of Yoga.

Our yoga classes are suitable for all level practitioners, including beginners. They are based on the fundamentals of Sivananda Yoga: We alternate a sequence of dynamic yoga postures with relaxation practices and breathing exercises.

You don’t need to be flexible or have previous yoga or meditation experience to join. The emphasize is not on how deep you can bend or perfect alignment, the intention of our practice is physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Your muscles and joints will release, your mind will settle. We bring the attention inwards. We always end our class in a complete relaxation. All of this in a private and serene atmosphere.

After class you can stay for tea and Prasad, a lovely homemade sweet to honor your practice.

More about Sivananda Yoga


Trauma-Sensitive Yoga.

This class is designed for everyone who wants to let go of bodily stress and tension, and is especially beneficial for people with trauma. The purpose of this class is to gently let go of tension and stress and to recover energy in the body.

More about Trauma-sensitive yoga

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Our schedule.

We have regular classes for small groups. We also offer the opportunity to book a private session: alone or with your friends, family or colleagues.

Small Trauma-Sensitive / Stress Rebalance Yoga class


Room for Ayurvedic massage bookings.


Online Stress Rebalance Yoga class


Sivananda Yoga class


Room for Ayurvedic massage bookings.


Room for private yoga classes, massages or events.

Whatever feels best

Our plans.

We offer something for everyone.
Small regular yoga class

A 90 minute Sivananda yoga class with a maximum of six people. You can dive deep into your practice and experience the connection and uplifting group energy at the same time.
We offer first-timers a free second class.

Small Trauma-Sensitive Yoga class

A 60 minute trauma informed yoga class with a maximum of six people. In a safe environment you can gently let go of tension and stress and recover the energy in your body.
€60,-  You can also book this class just for you.

Private yoga class

A 90 minute Sivananda yoga class just for you if you need extra self care and nurturing of your body, mind and heart. You can also share this undivided attention with your own group.
€90,- (just you)
€45,- p.p. (two people)
€30,- p.p. (three people)
€25,- p.p. (four and up)

The heart of yoga is inclusiveness. So if you badly need yoga, but are out of money, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Together we will find a way to make it happen.

Company yoga class

A 90 or 60 minute Sivananda yoga class especially for companies. Enjoy yoga together with your colleagues in our calm environment without workload, competition or performance pressure.

Company meditation session

A 30-60 minute guided meditation sitting where you focus on your breath and bodily sensations. Meditating together with your team/colleagues before a meeting, brainstorm or start of the workday can greatly contribute to a more open, positive and balanced company atmosphere and reduces stress/anxiety.

Contact us for possibilities and prices. We offer our company meditation sessions at The Ground Floor or on location. We would love to hear your story and wishes.

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Book a class.

You can book a yoga class with us by phone or email.

Call: +31 6 212 600 67‬

‘ As soon as I enter The Ground Floor I feel the relaxation of the surroundings. In a bubble of peace and safety, I take a break from everyday life.’