March 29, 2022

Energetic Healing with Himalayan Singing Bowls

April 22, 7PM – 8PM / April 23 by appointment

On Friday April 22 from 7PM – 8 PM Anu de Rooden will guide another Energetic Group Healing with Himalayan singing bowls. On Saturday April 23 she will guide Individual Energetic Healing Sessions.

Energetic healing with singing bowls is an ancient technique which promotes harmony and balance at all levels of existence. It removes negative energy and blockages which have been formed during the course of our lives and replaces them with clear light which enters at a cellular level. This influences all layers of our being. The sounds of the bowls bring you back to your natural state of harmony and balance.
During a group session the bowls are placed and played at one spot in the room and respond to the energy of the group.
During an individual session the bowls are placed and played around you at the height of the chakras. The entire focus is on you.

Anu de RoodenAbout Anu

From the age of 16 I led an adventurous and restless life which took a turn in 2013, when i travelled from India to Nepal. Looking back i can see that my restless life was preparing me for something beautiful. It is beyond words to describe the recognition of a spiritual teacher. It marked the beginning of a new way of living, with dedication, surrender, acceptance and trust.
Part of my spiritual training involved learning how to play the singing bowls. Using Vedic astrology, each bowl was carefully chosen for me to match with my energy. The training took place in the heart of Kathmandu.

It was intense, one-on-one, using the timeless methods of oral traditions, learning simple yet powerful mantras, drawing mandalas with each singing bowl… It was a deep healing journey which i had to embark on before i could begin to share healing sessions with others.

At the beginning of 2020 my nomadic life came to a halt in the Netherlands, due to corona. It is a whole new experience to stay in one place, to put away my backpack and to create something lasting. What a gift it is to fully dedicate myself and share my experiences and knowledge about singing bowls, nutrition, Ayurveda and yoga from the heart and to experience the positive results in my country of birth.


Group session: Friday April 22 from 7PM – 8 PM
Individual sessions: Saturday April 23, by appointment only.

How to prepare yourself

On the day it is advisable to eat light foods, preferably vegetarian. It is best not to eat right before the session. It is also very good to take a shower or wash hands, face and feet before joining us.

What to bring

A warm blanket/plaid to cover yourself during the session. Comfortable warm clothes & socks! I will take care of the yoga mats, pillows and after the session you can stay for tea and my homemade treat – the Bliss ball.

What are the costs

Energetic Group Healing (60 min) – €35
Individual Energetic Healing (90 min) – €100,00

Do you want to book the group session or your individual session or do you have any questions about this event?
Send me an email or whatsapp before April 20th. There are limited spots available.

Anu and I are looking forward to see you!