April 4, 2022

Kirtan with Gauranga

May 20, 7:30PM – 9PM

On Friday May 20 from 7.30PM – 9PM we are hosting a Kirtan guided by Gauranga Hontelez.


When people come together to sing mantras, we call it Kirtan. Singing mantras is popular because it brings joy and it opens our hearts. Something we can really use in this day and age. But the mantra does much more. It brings us into contact with our essence – our divine core – if you want to call it that way. It guides us to our inner Silence. The joy we experience as a result of all this is more than simple pleasure and touches deeper layers.

About Gauranga

Gauranga is a mystic, musician and  a nadayoga teacher. He gives courses and leads retreats in which the mantra is central. He accompanies himself on the Indian harmonium, the guitar and the tanpura. When he sings his mantras with you, he accompanies you on a journey in which you pass powerful silences as well as exuberant ecstasy.

In addition to mantras from the original Indian “repertoire” (used in ashrams and temples), he also uses mantras currently performed in the West by artists such as Krishna Das, Snatam Kaur and Deva Premal. For him, chanting mantras is always more than just singing songs – it is spiritual discipline, such as yoga and meditation. In between, he tells you about the spiritual backgrounds and the deeper philosophical en esoteric meaning of the mantras.


Friday May 20 from 7.30 PM – 9 PM

How to prepare yourself

On the day it is advisable to eat light foods, preferably vegetarian/vegan. It is best not to eat right before the Kirtan. It is also very good to take a shower or wash hands, face and feet before joining us.

What to bring

Depending on the weather bring a blanket/plaid to cover yourself during the Kirtan. Comfortable (warm) clothes & socks! I will take care of the yoga mats and pillows. If more than 12 people participate I will aks to bring your own mat and pillow. After the session you can stay for tea and my homemade treat – the Bliss ball.

What are the costs


Join us and experience the joy and meditative silence.
You don’t have to be a “good” singer!
Your Soul is a Song: Sing it!
Send me an email or whatsapp before May 18th.
There are a maximum of 20 spots available.

We are looking forward to see you!