December 29, 2021

Try-out Breathwork class

On Wednesday January 12 from 5.30PM – 6.30PM I will teach a Breathwork class as a try-out.

I recently followed an intensive Pranayama Teacher Course at and I am really looking forward to share this knowledge with you. The plan is to introduce breathwork practice as a regular class, but first this try-out class to experience if it suits you.

The influence of breathing on our physical and mental health is significant. Because we are often not aware of our breathing patterns we make little use of the healing effect of correct breathing. The good news is that with simple breathing exercises, which allow us to control and modify our breathing, a positive change is already beneficial: a calmer heart rate, a calmer mind and better concentration, strengthening our lungs and improving our lung capacity.

In this class we start with the basics – finding a comfortable and steady sitting postion, you will learn breathing exercises to controle and modify the breath. You will learn how to increase your focus and how to calm the mind. And you will learn about different Mudras (hand positions) and their meaning. After class there is time for Q&A.


Wednesday January 12 from 5:30PM – 6:30PM

What to bring?

Comfortable warm clothes & socks. I will take care of the yoga mats, pillows and blankets.

You do not need any yoga experience for this class and the class is free of charge.

Want to join?

Send me an email or whatsapp before January 11.