November 1, 2021

Special Yoga Nidra class on November 9

On Tuesday November 9 from 7PM – 8PM I will teach a Yoga Nidra class. During this class I will gently guide you with my voice to a 45-minute deep relaxation. Taking you on a journey to your inner world in which you observe yourself as you are. You make a shift from attention outside to attention within – carried by the floor and surrounded by the serene atmosphere of The Ground Floor.

The conscious awareness movement of the body brings physical relaxation and also relaxation of the nerve pathways through the body. This is basically the remedy to stress and anxiety. Which we could all use from time to time.

Tuesday November 9 from 7PM – 8PM

What to bring?
A warm blanket/plaid to cover yourself during the session. Comfortable warm clothes & socks!
I will take care of the yoga mats, pillows and after class you can stay for tea and my homemade treat – the Bliss ball.
You don’t need any yoga experience for this Yoga Nidra class.

This class costs €15,00

Do you want to join?
Send me an email or whatsapp before November 8th.
There is a limited number of spots available. Hope to see you the 9th of November!