About The Ground Floor

Our home.

The healing energy of this place is the reason for us to open our doors for you.

How it started

Our story.

It has been four years since we moved here, together with our daughters Nina & Doris and Tommie the Doodle.

After 18 years of living in a peaceful and quiet village close to Amsterdam, we were longing for more inspiration to enrich our lives. We returned to the city where our paths once crossed in the Roxy, 25 years ago. We fell in love, curious about what life would bring us. In our deepened relationship, we went on a search for a colourful lifestyle with even more connection and meaning.

Opening up our home marks the end of our chapters as a coach in the corporate world and a full-time owner of a nationwide franchise business. This step is the beginning of our new path.



Karlijn gives you a warm welcome with a feeling that you can be who you are.
She will ask you to take off your shoes so you can feel the floor underneath your feet and feel at home.
Without any judgement and with her love for Yoga and Ayurveda she will invite you to the mat and massage table.
She creates an atmosphere where it is safe for you to experience your feelings, trust your intuition and to be exactly who you are.

She is a dedicated yogini who combines her sensitivity with her work experience as a coach to connect with you.

Karlijn has the following certificates:

Certified Sivananda Yoga teacher ( Sivananda Yoga Teachers’ Training Course (TTC), Austria )
Certified Trauma-Sensitive Yoga teacher (training: Trauma-Sensitive Yoga program from David Emmerson – and Bessel van der Kolk, founder of the Trauma Center MA, US)
Certified Yoga Nidra teacher
Certified Polyvagaal teacher



With his natural trust in himself and others, Robbie is The Ground Floor’s steady rock. He is an authentic and selfmade man who started his first company thirty years ago. He now uses his many years of experience in the beauty industry to build the Greenbeauty Market – an online marketplace for natural, sustainable and cruelty-free beauty brands.

As the silent force in the background, Robbie makes you feel at home.


Tommie from the hood.

This dog represents great happiness. With his gentle eyes and jumpy hair, he puts a smile on everyone’s face. The calm ambience of The Ground Floor overflows with Tommie, which makes him the best yogi dog ever. He helps people relax and bring his calm and serenity to you. And if you want this too, he loves to lie in Savasana together.

Feel the floor underneath your feet.
See the light coming in through the glass roof and hear the wind rustling the leaves outside.
Anchor in the present moment.


Thanks to

Alexander van Berge – photography
Marit van den Berg – photography
Ellen Hooghiemstra – brand identity
Chantal Keizer – photography
Daantje Keppel – visual design
Jeroen Lam – development
Alexandra Penrhyn Lowe – text edit
Alexander Sporre – photography
Annabelle Wallis – illustrations

The goddess Saraswati is the protector of language and writing, science, and fine arts, such as music and dance and culture in general. She promotes creativity and is the goddess of the dawn, when everything shines in a bright light and the darkness of fear and ignorance is dispelled.